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  1. That's good!!! I'm happy that u don't need a guy to make you happy. ^__^
  2. well, their fine. cuz i dont need one. im happy hangin out wit my friends and family.
  3. Hey I'm good. I'm actually pretty awesome!!! What about? How is your boy problems going??
  4. hey hey hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you doing. me, jus fine.
  5. Ah.... I know what you mean. But do you really want boyfriend right now? Why do you want a boyfriend??
  6. well boy trouble. i want a anime boyfriend. but nobody is online on here.
  7. well you can talk to me!! What do you need to talk about???
  8. fine and lonley lol.

    and need sumone to talk to.
  9. Hello ^^ How are you??????????????????(stupid 50 character thing. sorry...)
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