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  1. Any kinds that sound good c: Mainly touhou arranges though.
  2. What type of music do you like?
    I like electronic and pop music
  3. I am a girl c: Hehe, yeah I think I make that evident, with my smileys and drawings x3 I mean, I drew a reaction picture for my intro thread!
    I have not, no
  4. Are you a boy or girl?
    You seem like a girl, So i'm guessing that
    Have you watched No. 6?
    I love it ^^
  5. Wow really? Thank you =D
    I like all kinds of accents. It's a thing I have, I suppose.
    And thank you, I made it from a picture I commissioned of my character <3
  6. Hehe, I like your new profile pic! ;D
    And crime shows I can't get into..
    The only ones on my t.v have really bad British
    Accents and they annoy me so I can't get into it :c
    My favorite accent is the American one
    You guys sound the least agitating from all the accents of
    English language.
  7. Oh, no it's not! I get an accent only when I'm angry x3
    I love cats~ And despite not being able to wake up I love mornings.
    And uhh, crime tv shows. c:
  8. Hehe you are a southern bumpkin?
    Heard that from T.V hope it isn't offensive xD
    What other interests do you have? I really like musicals
    Though most are cheezy
  9. I live in the southern US c:
    Well it's nice to hear! I love meeting all kinds of people from everywhere~
  10. I watched all but the last episode of Angel Beats! I feel like it will be a sad ending and I can't handle sad endings :c
    Most anime's I watch I never watch the final episode
    I love manga too, I have a ton of manga! I have all 13 volumes of Junjou Romantica!
    It's difficult to find Manga in Ireland I get mine from London each time I visit! Which is really often.
    Where do you live :3?
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