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  1. Nothing much really. My friend had his B-day yesterday and had a great time with him and most of my friends which was really fun... How ever we had a fire pit going out side and an ember almost got into my eye. Needless to say it hurt... A lot.
    How about your self, anything interesting?
  2. -glomps- Hey!! So whats your obssesion whit rat dogs? haha jk jk whats up?
  3. Thanks, I am glad it has been making a few people laugh. The Sig how ever are not chawawas but miniature pinchers. They are both little rat dogs any way because of their size and they can get into anything. :P
  4. Haha sorry I've been gone so long but finally came back and saw your siggy lol! >.< chihuahuas!!! so funny looking lol
  5. Sure, you can see it the "ABOUT ME" tab right next to the visitor message tab in my profile.
  6. I always respond to people so if I become "quiet" or if it seams like I don't respond its usualy because my message did get through.
    But thank you very much for the compliment once again, and I am happy to know you are doing well.
  7. you found a sig for it? lol good can I see? ooohhh gotta go ttyl
  8. I'm ok lol yeah I was wondering what happened lol you got all quiet lol. But I like the dog better than what you had before I didnt see the old avy clearly though
  9. Yup, I finely found the right sig to go with the scuba dog avy.
  10. Sorry forgot to send you a friend invite... *looks at post below* It looks like my respons to your scuba dog question didn't get through, thought it did.
    Any ways, how have you been as of late?
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