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  1. I guess I'll talk to you later then.
  2. i don't know myself it's just a habbit, but sometimes i like to know what i'm doing ahead of time so that i will know what i'm wearing. but when thing are dirty it makes me feel depressed. well go 2 go teacher's coming
  3. lol, I'm a neat freak but I don't like planning.. I like to know that I have free time and if someone needs me to do something I wouldn't have to cancel other plans in order to tend to their needs.

    If you don't mind me asking, why?
  4. oh, well i have a problem with being unorganized. my friends say i'm a neat freak. but i just hope my parents leave on time for my aunt's party this year.
  5. Ah well, not really. I'll probably just catch up on my reading and maybe call a few people to keep busy. I'm not much of a planning type of person
  6. hey, im cool.its nice to hear from you thought. how are doing? planning anything special for christmas?
  7. Hey, it's been awhile since we talked last, I wanted to check and see how your doing.
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