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  1. English for the moment I'm thinkinf about leaving and going to another college next to study library science.
  2. I have just been working and moving here in a few months. What did u major in?
  3. nothing much i'm doing the feshman thing in college. what about u? what have u been up to lately?
  4. Hey girl how have you been? anything new going on?
  5. so how was your prom? did you have fun?
  6. No I am sorry prom is on the 30th.......................... XD
  7. April 31st I am picking him up on the 29th and he is staying till the 31st cause he has to work...
  8. when is prom for u?
  9. ^ ^ Yeah I am I just can't wait to see him again! I can't wait to take him to prom with me hehe.
  10. well thats good to hear. im g ald ur happy.
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