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  1. Oh Cool just been relaxing and talking to my boyfriend I am so happy to be back with Zach he makes me so happy.
  2. nothing much is going on just working on college stuff and being bore. wat about u?
  3. Hey girl haven't heard from you in awhile so waz up how have you been is there anything new going on?.? *smiles*
  4. Um Well idk yet I know prom is at the end of april I don't know what color I am wearing yet. Something cute and pretty lol.
  5. what color(s) r u wearing mine are purple and black, hopefully.
  6. Yeah, it has been so far and been pretty nice. I am going to look for one as soon as I fined out when prom is. I know it should be in April or May.
  7. sounds like life is going good for u. have u started looking at prom dresses yet or do u already have ur's?
  8. I have been good just really looking foreword to GRADUATING this year! Also PROM is around the corner and I am so looking to it! Plus once I finish school my bf and best freinds and I are all moving in together! I CAN"T WAIT! hehe
  9. i've been good bored to death but good. and u?
  10. Hey girl waz up? how have you been????????????????????????????????????
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