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  1. I think its cool how they have him playing god but I think my favorite character is the russian dude or mayb the bloinde dude that gets really strong when he is mad
  2. Izaya Orihara. Yeah, he's my favorite character too.
  3. i can't remeber that dudes name but is he you favorite character as well?
  4. Yeah, Durarara is one of my top three (as you can probably tell by my profile picture )
  5. yeah, wath bleach every saturday and i used to watch blood +, and durarara when they still showed them on adultswim. they are all good show i exspecially like durarara
  6. It's three anime actually. Blood +, Bleach, and Durarara. Ever heard of them?
  7. thank you, what is the anime you are talking about?
  8. Hello. I like your profile picture, it reminds me of some characters from my favorite animes.
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