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  1. lol that is always fun, My school ended May 20th so that was nice though I start again in August lol but it will be college so that will be better lol
  2. i'm okay, looking for a job and waiting for school to end.
  3. ~~~~~~~~So how have you been lately?? just curious ^_^~~~~~~
  4. oh wow, that would have been entertaining to see though ^_^ only thing is it was just a chicken nugget, not like they are that importantish lol
  5. well, some guys got to fighting over a chicken nuggest last year, i don't know why a skinny boy would try to steal a peice of chicken from a big guy anyways, but they say big guy threw the skinny boy under the table.
  6. yes she was, plus she was annoying as **** lol ^_^ it was still epic and i wouldnt doubt it is going to happen again next week lol that would be awsome and the funny thing is the fight was over a fricken chair because we borrowed one form her table and they never use them
  7. lol is she one of those really fake people? i can't stand people like that.
  8. I know same here, plus it is halarious just because i loved seeing the other girl beat her ass :-) it sounds kind of mean but i didnt really like the girl that got beat up anyway so it just made it all the better.
  9. lol i love school fights it gives my day a bit of excitement.
  10. Same here, lol I am still at school and i just got back from lunch lmao a girl got her ass handed to her during lunch by another girl :-) it was epic ^_^
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