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  1. so why are you interested in x-ray tech and cat-scans
  2. pretty much is tho that's not why i am going into it tho i will be making more then i ever need
  3. sound like big money.
  4. no silly i wanna be a x-ray tech and specialize in cat-scans if at all possible
  5. maybe, so what is it you want to do, open up a hospital or something like that?
  6. well i wish you the best in luck who knows you just might get your chance at what you really want
  7. business classes are interesting but what i really want to do is take care of little kids, but accounting is interesting too. it's way better than business management
  8. eh i love business its my favorite thing i specialize in that sort of stuff
  9. well that's better than business management i wish i had child care
  10. doing medical class work yes but other then that nothing at all
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