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  1. yeah i hope it doesn't and this place has a lot of cool forums to choose from that for sure my favorite section is the poem area though i haven't written anything in a while lol
  2. well as long as the site doesn't shute down i'm sure everything will work out for the better.
  3. i haven't heard of a reason yet but the person who told me made it seem like be bop was just tired of AO he went about it the wrong way and AO might not get anything added to it
  4. so thats y the site got a make over. i kinda hate this new layout but then i am the type of person who hates change. do have any idea y Be Bop sold the site? was he losing money over it or something?
  5. yeah i know but i think it is because of all the new rules and how strict the ppl who control the site. then everyone is busy too. i miss the old animeonline.
  6. i am doing good just wish there was more activity here than there is. it was better back when i joined and when you joined
  7. well I'm glad to hear from someone I hate how dead this site has become, too. so how are you?
  8. just dropping by to say hey since no one else is on line so yeah its just a random drive by comment lol
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