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  1. it is easy i mean i tried and i succeeded on it but it also takes a long time
  2. well i don't think i can do that. it doesn't sound that easy.
  3. naw it not im just the type to keep it kool i mean with all the things i do its like i have to be and i learned how to control it which is easy than it seems
  4. im starting to think all guys think like that.a friend's cuz told me almost the same thing.
  5. hey anything is possible i mean i hasd to do three test fix a car and go to an after school class
    and i stay relaxed its just a matter of putting things in the back of your mind
  6. i'll try but it's kinda hard to relax with everything going on right now
  7. the same except the stressed.
    you should take it easy some time
    and the stress is not good for you plus it helps to be relaxed
  8. hey, nothingmuch just a lot of school work and stress. so wats up with you?
  9. hey wats up how you been? its been a long time we gotta talk more
  10. im ok been a lil worried about my freind but ok so is anything knew
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