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  1. i messes my phone up so we have talk on line again, sorry but hopefully it will be fixed after easter so i'll let you know.
  2. sorry i messed up my phone so i can't text
  3. its good to hear from you two and that's okay that you only get on twice a week but i will try to txt you.
  4. mostly jus classes here at DACC NM
    but lol its great to hear from you i never talk to much ppl
    in real life but ya sorry i get on twice a week becoz thats when i have college
    but u should text me
  5. ...other than boredom
  6. I'm doing good. it's good to hear from you so what have you been up to?
  7. how r u?
    its pretty boring down here lol
  8. will i'm glad to hear you are happy now a days.
  9. ive beeen good jus having life so im enjoying it it was gud tho
  10. hey how have you been. did u have a good christmas?
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