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  1. well i scared adults thats y i hate kids adults are better!
  2. oh it was not big deal, im not a halloween person. so did u get to scare any little kids?
  3. OKila por que?
    That has to suk im sorry!
  4. lol. my halloween break was kinda is appointing. i thought we were going to a mall instead my parents went to a butchery. a big waste of my time.
  5. Ya i do hahahhahahha
    t\Scare krap out of stupid little patheic kids to death!
  6. hey wats up got any plans for halloween?
  7. im hurting becuase i hate being sick!!!
    i am not celebrating thanks giing becuase no one likes me!!!!
  8. so what's up with you, got any plans 4 thanksgiving?
  9. im still in school but i can talk because we are seein a movie!!
    what have you been doing?
  10. im good in a few i'll finally be out of school ( im in biology)
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