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  1. hey now we haven't talked in minute but did u ever post ur story?
  2. You really think so?????? hmmm thanks. i guess i better get back to working on it as soon as possible then. ^^
  3. sounds good to me.
  4. well its just for fun. i don't know if im gonna have it published or not. its about a boy named jason who is taken from his own world and thrown into a world of war, love, betrayal and prophecies. he's getting ready to turn eighteen and he starts having dreams where he's talking tyo this girl named Arianna. she's whtas called a draconian.(a dragon humanoid) and they tell each other about there worlds and then one day jason dreams about her coming to his world to find someone. well she does come to his world to find him and take him to her world. In her world humans died out and now all of the kindgdoms fight over the old humans land. Jason is supposed to help rebuild a new race to help keep the balance of the kingdoms. what he doesn't know is is that he has to help them in a war. and also Arianna, is to help him make the new race by having children with him. its just a weird story ive been writing for about a month now.
  5. so what's it about?
  6. yeah you'd probably post it under fanfics.
  7. ok miss bad. ^^ hey ur a writer right. Im writing a book and do u know if im able to post soem of my writings on the forums?
  8. miss bad has always been my pen name.
  9. thats cool. do u have a fake name i could call u by or something. may i call u miss?
  10. sorry but i don't give my real name online.
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