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  1. hey figured i'd give you a shot since i haven't been on in a while, so what's up
  2. Ahhh!! You're welcome!! I'm glad I could help. I just love chibi!! And it is about Arietta too!!!! ^__^
  3. i really have to thank you for the website it'll help me alot.
  4. I'm good. Nothing special going on. I got that avi from photobucket
    here is the link:
  5. same here. so what's up with you. having a nice good days so far?
  6. Oh you want to know?? About My avi??? Well give me a sec I'll go find it....
  7. Hello!! ^^ Nice to meet you and I hope to get to know you soon!!
  8. hi, i'm missbad. i'm dying over you avatar where did you get it?
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