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  1. cool i'm a woman as well i'm fine just work and life as usesal well i i have to go talk to you later.
  2. hello how are you my freind wanted to say hello and see what you are up to now a days ttyl cassy.
  3. just more life and things i have so much left to do with this we but there will be time for everything else but all i need is just my bf and that will be engoueh and that is all i can say right now.
  4. that is ok thank you very much for leting me know that is very nice of you thank you again .
  5. hey what's up? thugoth i'd swing by and say hello i just got home from who knows where and wanted to talk ttyl cassy.
  6. oh just wondering it great well i have to go later.
  7. well i just was wondering if you are a boy or a girl? just so i can know what we can talk about and that i'm not having to keep guessing all the time talk to you later cassy.
  8. hey my freind can i ask you somthing just as a freind since we are freinds.
  9. nothing much just life and a lot of other carp.cassy
  10. hello i hope you are doing well and hope to hear from you soon smile and laugh that will be a way to make things easier ok later my freind shadow.
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