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  1. hey im fine sorry if i took along time 2 reply i was doing some class work.
  2. hey missbad how r u? im bored nd want to talk to some one.
  3. okey see yea if u talk to my sis tell her i say hi................................................ ....
  4. nah i was happy 2 c da doctor die, he was kinda sick to me. well talk 2 u monday.
  5. yea and so is my sis she cryed at one eps when that dude died. thats y i have the dr dude for my avatar. wbu?
  6. i no we'v been seperated fro like for ever my dad just told me about her like 3 mounths ago. im lucky i found her on this site after an email from her to my dad's new wife.
  7. so u a fan of Decendants of Darkness?
  8. sure da more friends da merrier but its cool that a bro and sis are interested n da same stuff.
  9. hey i saw u r online nd that ur my little sis's friend. u want to b friends?shes deiuchi.
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