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  1. all right talk 2 u later.
  2. no but i need to go eat lunch so ill be back latter or soon.
  3. so u have any plans 4 da summer?
  4. yea i no and very sorry. i just dont go online during summer.
  5. oh that sucks seems like every1 i talk 2 is getting off but oh well. i guess i need 2 talk wit all those other friend i have any ways.
  6. yea so i just made a new one. oh tomarow is my last day till agust. to be on here.
  7. oh thats a good idea. i have a lot of friends i don't talk too.
  8. way to many friends on the other one so i made one with ppl i do talk to. the other one i just kept adding ppl.
  9. k so y'd u make a new account?
  10. hey i made a new account a whillago and one to add u its me deiuchi.
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