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  1. oh so you like to fight? and sorry it's taken me so long to reply but i'm break so i have to wait til i can get wifi before I can reply.
  2. well, it's really the only thing that i feel im good at you know. i never really thought that anything else would catch my attention.
  3. what made you want to go to the army?
  4. yeah. i did, but that was a one time thing, i can't do it anymore because im getting ready to join the army.
  5. well i don't smoke but that would explain last weekend.
  6. Friday was 4/20 also know as national pot head day. and besides hanging with friends and helping my dad rebuild our fence, not much really happened.
  7. friday i went out with my roomate and bathroommate for dinner at burger king, then we went to Rose's to walk off the food but they ended up going on a little bit of a shopping spree, and then when came back to the room and had a movie night. the rest of the weekend i was working. but how was you weekend? and was friday a specail day or something?
  8. damn, that sucks. anyway, how was your weekend? what did you do for 4/20?
  9. that is one of my rules I don't tell where I live but I can tell you that i don't live anywhere near Colorado but I do live in the US.
  10. well where do you live? are you anywhere close to Pueblo Colorado? cause i'd love to hang out with you sometime.
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