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  1. well i don't mind telling you more about me but for right now let's just do the friend thing. i'm not really sure what you would like to know so you come up with some questions and i'll try to answer them.
  2. oh no you didn't. i just thought that you might be a little different with me cause i thought that you might think that im some old man just looking for a girl to rape or something. cause i kinda like you. tell me more about your self. i'd love to get to know you better, that is, if it's ok with you.
  3. i wasn't questioning you i'm sorry if i came off that way i'm meant that you should watch out for other people. I was thinking you were a skinny dude that could fight if you were being kidnapped. I just over think things when it comes to safety sorry but since you're a football player should be able to handle yourself if something were to happen to you. and just for the record I'm not too good at lying either which i hate cause i used to be good at it. I hope i haven't offended you in anyway.
  4. well i'll be honest with you, im no lier. im seventeen, big muscular build but i am a bit out of shape so i need to work on that, i love football, anime, ESPECIALLY Dragon Ball Z. and i play a lot of video games and stuff. that's me. the simple stuff. there is a much more personal side if you'd like to know but i won't get into that quite yet. and i swear to you im not a lyer. everything i've said here is completely true.
  5. tell people. sorry for the lecture but i guess that's just the way i'm.sorry
  6. I could try to but you know it isn't good to date people off the internet since you don't really know if they are really what they say they are? Then there are a lot of predators on the internet too you should be careful about how mucch
  7. i actually love it. i'm meeting new ppl and having a lot of fun. im actually trying to meet a girl to, but no luck so far if you know what i mean. think you could help me out?
  8. how do you like the site s o far?
  9. pretty good. kinda new to this site so i've been trying to make new friends.
  10. hi, i'm missbad. how are you?
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