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  1. Hmmmmm......I don't think so....Who's it by? IT sounds interesting already!! ^^
  2. have you ever read inu baka?
  3. Oh my goodness!!! I'm the same way!! ^^ Maybe not 3 pages full of anime but at least half of 3. I read a LOT of manga. But mostly on what I can get my hands on. I'm into watching a lot of the popular animes and reading the less popular ones, it's more fun that way.^^
  4. my favorite animes......really hard i have like 3 pages full of anime i love.....i read manga whenever i get the chance to same with watching anime!and what about you?
  5. That's good. What are your favorite animes to watch? and do you read more or watch? I read manga more than I watch but I like watching anime as well. ^^ tis fun!
  6. im good too!
  7. I'm funny? -tilts head-
    Hehe...Okay ^////^ -scratches back of head, gazing down-
    I've been good how about you?
  8. haha your funny!how have you been latly?
  9. Hi, and thank you. I hope I have fun. Yes you can call me Miya, it's easier than my screenname. ^^ Hehe!!
  10. hello how are you?can i call you miya?welcome to AO!
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