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  1. well if you don't mind, i'll add my character
    that is if you want
    have you seen my person?
  2. .................................................. ..............................
  3. Well Remember when you commented on my Shinigami character? Well I decided to do her back story but with others participating in the story by creating their own characters and adding their own bits. But I don't think anyone likes it.
  4. ooooh i like stories ^.^
    tell me about it please i'll post on it
    i'm also in the middle of writing two manga and a game ut no one has rad them yet :/
  5. No one is taking an intrest in my post, its an interactive story where u can take part and add new characters and lead the story to new heights. So far nothing.
  6. why are you depressed
    hmmm i like alot of anime and manga buuuut if i had to pick my top five it would have to be
    1:Mahou Negima Sensei
    yup and i like death note, furit baskets, and FMA lol
  7. I'm doing great, but I'm kinda depressed, I posted a new thread but no one has even bothered to participate. Le sigh, anyways I like Naruto though not as much as I used to, Ghost in the shell, Inyuyasha not as much as I used to, The Boondocks, and Cowboy Beebop. What about u?
  8. It going AWSOME!!! lol
    how are you doing today :3
    but yea about what you said about god0modding, yeah people do that alot when making charaters( idon't know if you saw my character or not) i tried to stay away from that XD

    any way Waz up :3
    wat other kind of anime do you like
  9. Hey Whats up!!!!!! Hows ur day been going, been rockin out to life lately?
  10. Yeah I can see what u mean. Some give their Character god-like powers and its totally none realistic. I try not to do that when thinking of characters. I try to give them their strengths and their weakness. Like Kiyomi, for example, if it weren't for the fact that she was overly consumed with hatred she could be a pleasent person to be around. So her emotions are a flaw in her character.
    Anyways, glad u feel awesome and hope you feel awesome all day!
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