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  1. Yeah! That would be nice the other anime forum I am on it don't have to have the 50 character thing.
  2. yes i agree with you.. i think it needs they need to do away with it.
  3. I know I hate that rule its so stupid! I really do think that rule needs to go away!
  4. omg me too.. ^_^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang i can never hit 50 characters -___-... stupid rule
  5. Yeah, I love acting silly its fun and cheers ppl up and I love being silly around my friends.
  6. i soo know what you mean.. i love acting goofy .. well sometimes that is ^_^ lolz
  7. Yeah, I know you can really be your self around lil kids because inside you really are one. Lol I love acting like a kid sometimes I wish I could be one again but then again I don't lol.
  8. yea i know what you mean.. they let you act like yourself.. ^_^
  9. Oh that's cool sounds like lots of fun! Yeah, kids are so cute I love being around them.
  10. im majoring in computer science.. which is designing web sites an stuff. an i love kids too..
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