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  1. Oh okay that's cool. When I get out of school I wanna work at a daycare I love working and being around kids. What are you majoring in?
  2. i work in a grocery store.. called super foods..-__- just until i get outta college
  3. I was just wondering. That's cool thou. Where do you work at?
  4. might be working .. but i dont know yet.. why do you ask?
  5. I know I really can't wait either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what you doing this weekend?
  6. omg i so cant wait either.. it is goin to be awesome!!!!!
  7. Yeah! Eclipse is a very awesome movie I can't wait for it to come out on dec. 3rd!!!! ^_^ I'ma so get it!
  8. oh yes.. i have both of them on dvd so i can watch them anytime i want ^_^ an my friends told me i needed to wait .. i was mad an im sooo ready to see it..!!
  9. You haven't seen Eclipse yet? Did you see the other 2?
  10. omg!!! me either.. everyone of my friends has seen it an i havent .. -___- they went when they new i would be working .. sooo unkool!!
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