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  1. thats kinda a draw i like robotics but im realy good at helping peaple whit there problems so im stuck
  2. umm well which one do you enjoy doing? which one are you really good at??
  3. right now im at home looking for work and trying to figure out what i want to do im stuck betwan 2 choises robothics enginear or therapist
  4. im studying computer application.... are you still in high school or are you in college?
  5. ok so what are what are you studiying for for waht job carear
  6. im in my access class an im in college.. i am almost out of college just have three more classes left after these
  7. hahahaha what clas are you in and are you in high school or collage
  8. i have ben good just sitting in class...^_^!!!!!!!!!
  9. yea im good now i just neaded some wrest thats all so how have you bin
  10. dang that sucks.. sorry that your trip was bad are you feeling any better?
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