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  1. lol
    so u think my eyes are so cute you would come and see me if I lived in the same state?
  2. Well I live in Georgia and I think if you lived in the same state then I most likely go look you up if you let me
  3. Is that so, why do you say that?
    where do you live, or can i not ask?
  4. hmmmm well I guess that it's a good thing cause if u were in my state I think I be seeing u much
  5. no its okay~
    I live in Texas near the Gulf of Mexico
    I don't have an accent tho, a lot of people suspect that I have a country accent since I live in Texas
  6. well thats good cause I be bad at it, I was asking what state you live in? Is that a question I can't ask?
  7. I think you did good. I don't know much Spanish because my parents dont teach me >.<
  8. &#191;Qu&#233; estado est&#225; tan usted adentro o es que una pregunta que no pueda ser hecha?
    My spanish is bad how did I do?
  9. lol I'm Mexican.
    It's natural skin color for me.
    and thanks again for the comments
    I really appreciate it~
  10. If you don't minnd me asking, what are u spanish, french or do u have a really good tan? Cause I don't see many girls like you around where I'm at.
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