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  1. Oh I loved watching Sailor moon when I little I wish they would still show it I miss that show. But yes I feel bad for ya.
  2. it was always like this.... they used to put some japan cartoons but not this kind.
    they put sailormoon and for me!
  3. Oh wow really? How come? I would freak!!!!!!!! lol
  4. there is always worse than this...greek tv doesn't show anime!!!!
  5. Yeah same here I use to watch anime online and read throw the comics strips on the computer. I just watch anime on tv now that's on Saturdays and get the dvds. so what your plans for this weekend?
  6. i always watch anime online!!!!no dvds...i also downloaded all the anime comic of Inuyasha!
  7. Oh I see the channle that I did have naruto on my dad took it off not I have to pay for the dvds....
  8. no unfortunately , not yet!it is also in my plans!i have a lot of time to spend watching anime!but i cannot do it everyday!((
  9. Nice to meet you Eleni. Yeah I love Inuyasha its a very good show. my most fave would be naruto. Have you seen it?
  10. hi dear!my name is eleni.nice to meet you...i do not know how many timew but these days i watch again inuyasha...planning also to see Shugo chara...
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