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  1. I'm sorry, but do not feel that I place in the heart of friends and felt their interest in
  2. Hello. How are you? For a long time that I talked with you, did you see High School Musical3
  3. Hello how the case for a long time I entered the site
  4. It's nothing, sorry about that and that I haven't replied back.
  5. Why are you laughing at, my dear I do not understand>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  6. You make me laugh in a good way .
  7. I am an Arab but I know a little English to learn English is no more, my dear shortlist
  8. Its nothing. Sorry. Um... what language do you originally speak?
  9. I'm sorry but I do not understand something I do not know English intermittent...
  10. You are very odd, I like that. Its an important quality I find in a friend.
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