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  1. Not be a problem of this normal and I'm fine how are you?
  2. howdy...sorry I haven't been on lately...I've been busy with things around the house here where I live and with my full-time job...but I'm doing better now and things are starting to look up for me ^_^ how are you?
  3. Hello Do you have caused inconvenience to you, my dear
  4. Why you, my friend, and problems with you I am your friend told me that our problems and we are one brother, tell me I hear thee
  5. lol well I've been busy with my job and have not had time to take my medication...I have stress related problems
  6. I was dismayed Why, my dear, I'm your friend Tell me
  7. I'm doing ok...just a little depressed due to my lack of medication...I've neglected to take my medication for the past few days...but I'll take it soon and be good as new
  8. Praise be to God, well how are you hoping you are okay
  9. Howdy ^_^ that is quite an ambition to want to meet all the members...seeing as how some don't log on for weeks at a time like I do lol ^_^ so how are you?
  10. Hello I am a new member and I want to know all the members
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