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  1. awww thanks Mr. K

    That was a real lift up. seriously. I'm having the biggest gfx block and sooo uninspired lately (thanks to the crappyness of study >____< )...your comment made me feel like opening up photoshop ^^
  2. Guess who I am

    "Omgosh I like love your sig can you make me one?"

    It's everyone that admires your work man~
  3. I make time by doing it when I'm supposed to studying ^_^;*shame* Ah, seems we are doing similar things - I'm studying Environmental Planning
  4. How you make time is crazy for me, sow aht you studing? I am doing Enviromental E.

    Nothing huge, but it helps and is for the best, and a always learning Enviroment.

    - K.
  5. Mr. K Talent-less? I'm sure you have many talents! I'm doing nothing but school as well (well Uni)..well I should be, but y'know I'm on here xD
  6. As I sit and do nothing but schooling... You get better at Photoshop and graffics. It's like a stab to my talentless heart.

    - K.
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