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  1. YAYAYA~!! are you working for Job Corps full time?? even if you're not, yay for you~!

    not sure when we can send you more Death Note, but it should be soon! lots of games come out in the fall, but we'll find a way!
  2. =) Hi hi~!

    XD Gah me addresses. o_O I thinking should I have it sent home or sent here. XD I guess Here.

    Alaska Job Corps Center
    800 E. Lynn Martin Drive
    Palmer, AK, 99645

    TO Katianna Carson. XD

    Or me Home one. I don't mind. [I'll PM you home]

    I was up to three I think. I need to go home and look. >o< Or call me mom.

    =3 I am kinda on Break, and have to rush back. I'll write more soon.
  3. HEY MR K! WHAT'S UP!!

    ^^;; do you think you could send us your address again? we have stuff and stories to send! until which Death Note were you up to???

    T_T sorry it's been so long!
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