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  1. Opps, looks like my browser double posted. Cool!
  2. i'm still here or am i? But yea, i thought as much, i know i'm guilty of doing the same thing but you get that. Just had a nasty weekend myself, so not gonna drink 4 a while now, well i can't but yea it would be far 2 painful lol.
  3. Sorry I am not home this weekend, or the other. =D But I did see you pop up. >.< You know those timezone things. Comment BACK. XD
  4. Well it kinda funny you say that cause i did almost die in a ditch in Thailand. I mean i was so sick i thought i was going to die.

    But yea, i just got myself a new job and about to start uni in a months time. But i really do have to say that i was shocked to see how much my course costs. Ex-pens-ive!
  5. Haven't heard from you in ages. =D Thought you rolled over and died somewhere. No point intended.

    How are things on your side. For me? I used my first CERDIT CARD.
  6. i'm right here ^^. Nah i just got back from a lot of holidaying. =] It was good!
  7. Where are ya man? .
  8. Yea, you should of. But what's done is done.

    Well i gotta run now, so have fun with ya pound cake. Cause ima gonna get myself into my chocolate pudding i made last night XD. Mmmm Pudding...
  9. Omgosh Granola Bars are healthy! 8D Same reason why I don't eat them

    As for no milk. I just bought this new stuff., because you know costsco hands out food when your shopping there, and this yummy stuff I bought takes milk, so I can't eat it, so I am force to eat pound cake. I should have bought some muffin's or something.

  10. You have no milk? OMG i feel your pain! Having no milk in this household for one night is not a good thing, i mean me and my bro are both addicted to it. Cause with no milk means no milo, or weet-bix for the morning. Plus we drink milk like water, so if theres no milk, we'll end up dying from dehydration. Cause like "What is water"?

    But yea, you should try some milo! only thing is, you gotta come over here to get it. Only in Australia is it sold. Well i think so anyway.
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