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  1. I am always so tempted to drink things with soccer ball players on it.

    But it has a cute name I'll give it that. Man I have no milk. I have to wait until Sunday to get some ..
  2. Your one to talk Microwaveable Granola Bar food.

    This be a Granola Bar

  3. Milo! Pretty much its like a chocolate malt. But its really yummy! Better than chocolate powder and stuff like that.
  4. Do I hair ask what a milo is?

  5. Looks can be deceiving. Plus, there's a special way they must be made. That is with plenty of milk, a quick zap in the micro, and a touch of sugar just before eating. Well thats my morning ritual.

    But with Weet-Bixs comes Milo, and god that is good. They work so well together.
  6. Looks like a granola bar

    [Not a good thing]

  7. "Hope you've had your Weet-Bix, all-Australian Weet-Bix, for breakfast everyday!"

    So how many Weet-Bixs do you do?
  8. What be the weet bix? =;3 explain? I got Life cereal.
  9. If its a way to show love, then i ain't liking it. Sounds very sick and twisted to me.

    I like my sleep ins, and they happen so rarely!

    But breakfast is awesome! Time for my morning Weet-Bixs!
  10. =;3 love works wonders and crazy ways.

    Aw she did? Thats so sweet of her, making sure you get that morning breakfast. =;3

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