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  1. Well its 9:30am over here, and i don't have work this morning. That and my gf gave me a friendly morning call to wake me up. She can be so mean!

    It's 3 o'clock on the K clock? How can that be? This is like a first for me.

    And yes! i go first! *Jumps* ha ha.... Huh?
    What happened to the giant whoopie cushion?
  2. =;3 nah don't be silly, but I do ask. Whatcha doing on at this time?

    Its 3 something here. This seems a little far fetch for you no?

    -trips you-

  3. I shotgun jumping first!

    (Damn 50 character limit, damn you to hell!)
  4. =O What no Add?

    I think my feelings are hurt, I shall go jump off roof now.
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