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  1. Merry Christmas Kat [&&] have a happy New Years! (Just in case I don't see you by then).
  2. awhh, that's ok, i hope you do well in school & work! Ttyl and tc :]
  3. Sorry sweet, if you see this. I won't be online much. +__+ work and school are crazy~!

    Be Safe okay!
  4. sorry for the late reply! I haven't been on ao for awhile, but that sounds awesome (: what kind of car are you planning to buy?

    && not that muchh, getting ready for my last year in highschool! O:
  5. Well; Mid Term on July. Set up my uni classes for fall, & right now on summer break. Been hiking, karakoe & chillin. =D I love wii too. Still looking for my first car thou.

  6. sorry, ill keep that in mind ^^;
    lol, so whats new?
  7. =P Summer break eh? No worries sweet. I've been busy too. But it doesn't hurt to say hi. =P !!!
  8. oh I'm sorry Kat, i been really busy for awhile but im free now, since school is over..
    so whats up? ^^
  9. =( WHY SWEET?!

    I never here from you anymore. .
  10. lol! maybe?! come on please ^^
    oh really, when? btw hows schoo? alalaaa... :P
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