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  1. oh shoot! so I wrote a reply to your msg, actually QUICK this time..and the hack goes and takes it away T__T so now it looks like i'm taking ages to reply again LOL don't know if you read it, but I'll post it again xD

    umm ok I'll try to remember what I said last time umm..

    yeah, my friend said that about maths too! lol and she's the reason why I passed all the yucky stats part at uni and I help her with all the concepts! xD

    Not part of our culture, it's more of a personality thing wouldn't you think. The only time I tell people off is when it really offends me, other than that..I just let it slide. Sounds like she's making excuses :P

    oh dear lol sounds like you had one of those days? I left a msg like that to my brother once..the idea is to hang up then abuse :P
  2. Video games only rot the mind if you let it.

    .... And sometimes I do let it.

    Good luck with your self-esteem on Hallow Eve~!
    Nah, you'll be fine.
  3. Earth? is that the docomentary? I've seen that, well bits of it, I used to work in a video store and we had it playing one day, saw bits of it when I wasn't been grouched on by customers because of their late fees :P

    Aussie maths teacher awesome! lol if there is anything I dislike the most...it's maths *shudders* it doesn't help that I suck at it either xD
  4. Oh my, I come back for just a minute and already I have been accused of being senile.

    Of course I remember Mr.K. Still remaining vigilant on AO, I see. If you haven't already had me figured out I am... what do you say... a lurker?
  5. We buy our candies because people refuse to give out Hershey's Oreo Cookies n' Cream candybars...
    ...and no one likes giving out Crunch bars anymore! And don't get me started with KitKat!

    ...everyone's just obsessed with giving out Snickers... and Twix... and stuff...
    (pssst... I don't like caramel....... DUN DUN DUNNNN)

    It seems you'd like to be a Pokemon, or perhaps something that wasn't a Pokemon until a series came out where all the cousins were almost like Pokemon.

    I dunno - ask Abu, we're still not sure what we're gonna' do on Hallow's Eve. Maybe she has a better idea. I'm concerned with more pressing matters...... *goes back to playing video game*
  6. its been TOO long kat
    i miss AO timess
    how've you beeeen ?
  7. No prob, I'm one of the few people that don't get excited for their own b-day, so no worries. A belated b-day-say is nice enough for me.

    Been good. How've you been?
    Halloween? .... it depends if Abu and I are trick-or-treating. We might just spend the night eating candy and watching movies.
  8. aww but it was an epic comment xD

    I'll delete it if you want. Been busy >.< long for reply ^_^;

    man, you make waste water sound fun! Come to Aust and fix our problems, majority of ppl here are too scared to use recycled water (even though we're probably drinking it anyway)

    alright, so I'll mix my sigs up a bit, like to one real image and one animated? lols\

    ha ha ha, so next time promise to reply quicker, I'm on here to do the SOTW anyway ^__^;
  9. What's your business on my profile page?
  10. I will always lurk around the darkest deepest pits of AO~ uuuuu~ muahahaha~ xD
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