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  1. Now how I;m I suppose to get rid of the body, if it won't stop moving?

    Ello Legend.
  2. No that's not it. We have a Sub Teach, sooo >.> She was hard at the noticing I was online, and her husband today maybe as well I hope.
  3. You must be out of school huh Mr.K lol I notice you've been on more lately
  4. Oh! Your so cruel.

    How can you be so?
  5. Barely....barely...
  6. <o_o> I see. I see.

    It was a test.

    Did I pass?
  7. I'm not ignoring you, just taking the same amount of time you take to reply to me :P

    har-har, no I still love ya to death, just been busy.
  8. >.> Oh I see how it is~!

    My Hi's are not enough. I am hurt.

    o.o what if you ignore this one too. (REPLY)
  9. As of now? (Long ago question)

    Current: Partly Cloudy
    Wind: SW at 9 mph
    Humidity: 63&#37;

    [o.o]// Hi~
  10. hows the weather up there :P
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