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  1. You replied? Go figure? ;D
  2. I didn't understand what you just said X_x
  3. As much as I reply to you... I never get a reply. So!

    Hi & Bye.
  4. Hello ^_^
  5. Always at my dearly best little Ravey Dear.

    Job Corp is great. Actuall I am typing to you right now from it.

    To be honest hte kiddie blocks from LIFE suck!

    See you soon. XD
  6. Hello there lil narciss ^_^
    Been a while, I know ... how's the job core? Studying still?
  7. You wanted to say something? o.o What would that be Rave?
  8. Sleazy? There Corean, and there Super Cute! =3 I send you a song but I see you express the same views of this, as the same as Mahiru.

    And we were talking about comments. =P As you can see. I tested myself. XD

    So Dance.
  9. What? You're broken? What happened?

    And what's with those sleazy Japanese pics? The people in it are ... weird.
  10. I broke myself in thank you`~!

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