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  1. xDD waaa no i'm not xD I'm just... here for my poems
  2. well... i am back :3 after a loooooonnggg time

  3. Rayme~

    You're still around these parts ?
  4. *poke poke* wemembew meh~
  5. Hmm i tried uploading it here.. >.< but i can't find the upload button.. so FB would be ur best shot if u have it xD
  6. =] where

    ( L A T E R E P L Y ) . .
  7. Umm check out the latest picture of me.. and laura
  8. Im very good.. a happy man in his prime that is ^^ Im very happy i'm seeing the cow jumping over the moon~ ^^ the reason is stated in my journal

    *listening to Kingdom Hearts Intro by Yoko Shimamura*
  9. Is that so? I love elephants.


    Listening to? um Masa Mix. K-pop Part one. XD

    How are you?
  10. *jumps with the huuge elephant* o.o wheee!!!

    *listening to Yui - Rolling Star*
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