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  1. Just so you don't think I've rudely disregarded your last message, I had actually written you a response prior to the last AO blackout. Alas my carefully typed out words have been brutally erased. u.u

    Even more unfortunate that due to my forgetful demeanor I am unable to completely recollect what I had previously typed. I suspect it would have gone something like this.

    Reese: Really? you have always lovingly admired me from afar! The sentiments are much appreciated. *sniff* I'm touched. u.u
    Mr.K: Hold me? <3

    I must admit, Asian drama shows are affecting my brain. T__T
  2. Oh my, I come back for just a minute and already I have been accused of being senile.

    Of course I remember Mr.K. Still remaining vigilant on AO, I see. If you haven't already had me figured out I am... what do you say... a lurker?
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