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  1. Yes, I like that way of spelling it better...Dr.Seuss is boring.
    And nothing really...School starts tomorrow, and I'm spending the rest of my last day of sommer watching Emilie Autumn clips on Youtube. <3 It's too bad her concerts are all 19+ now... They didn't used to be.
  2. I want to replay back but I have few to say.. >.< More like thanks for the comment, but have a nice day? Yes a Docter Susces momment, yes I believe I spelt is name wrong.

    o_O What's new?
  3. Np, and yes, yes I would mess them up. >:3 Muhahaha...~ So compared to me- you seem very nice. ^_^
  4. o_O Nah; do I really appear that nice on paper? && Here I thought I was low down dirty prick for talking behind there backs; I'm I really that appealing on paper.

    (Note: When I say paper I mean screen)

    I'll take it that you'd mess a person up for messing with you so long?

    Yes yes I know longest wait for a reply ever. Been busy.
  5. Well from what you just told me- all I can say is... You're a lot nicer about this whole situation that I'd ever be. I wouldn't save money for them, or even stay in contact. >_<"
  6. No they're married. I do not know him [A few meetings here and there], nor do I want to. He's like 5 years older than her and I, and I've never looked high on that guy. The guy that impregants a girl so very much younger then himself. He was like 23 when we were 17. [o_o]/ I say he had it coming. Job? You ask, don't make me laugh they live off unemployment. They can be as sicking as it comes.

    No matter to me either way. Even if I don't get paid, it will help me in breaking off our friendship. She kinda put me in this guilt train, being the god-mother of her baby; the baby I never see. [o_o]/ So what I can make out on it; being a godmother and all. I've saved up some money for that little girl so that she can go to college one day. The money is up there, and very tempting to spend, but I just want her to know if she needed that help and her parents couldn't give it to her, then I have some on the side for her. That is just my good thoughts of the matter.

    You can't choose your parents
  7. Np, It's summer break and I'm on as often as possible. ^w^ And wow that's a lot of money. [o_o] She does at least have a decent job so that she can pay you back eventually, doesn't she? I mean, if she didn't I most definately wouldn't loan her anything... >_< Even if it is a close friend. How's ur relationship with the guy she's engaged to? (they are engaged, not married right?)
  8. Apparently (Yes that's a spelling error) over $1000.00 American Mulla.

    Anyway; Sorry about leaving so randomly soon. I am really a goodbye person. Very much into the long ones. To be honest I don't remember why I ran off.. no wait; I went to the store and thought I'd be there for about ten mins. But ended up there longer.. *cough* a hour. So Again sorry about that.
  9. Oh wow. How much is 'huge'? And yes, I do believe you can.
  10. Oooh, I wasn't saying you were stupid, which is why I said it might have been a bit hasty of me to say so. Clearly not, though. Hello, Kat, I'm Kalico. :O Isn't that a coincidence? Our names go well together, lol. And as for the thread... It really depends. Are you really close friends with this person?
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