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  1. hummmmmmmm I think I will be a gothic School gal as I can't pull off being Sally from Nightmare before Christmas. Or Victoria from Corpse Bride.
  2. Halloween is coming up, what does Sazzy intend to be?
  3. So be honest. I have never seen the saw movies. I don't believe I have the guts to.

    As for the limit. I figure. XD don't be a 50 Character limit to close a thread.

    So who next on your list?
  4. I don't know I was looking for Jigsaw from the Saw movies.. but I found the scene I hate so I stopped.

    and yeah we are excluded from the character limit.
  5. Going for the cute of gory look?

    Does the 50 character go off for staff?
  6. I am trying to work out who to use.
  7. Check check check?

    Going to enter int he sig of the week? Th person I have in mind is the big guy from cowboy bebop that was scared of cats. =P Thinking of making a sig with him.

    I have yet to use a sig with that. I so don't take the time, and most of the time I am so random. But I do go to soompi for a lot of tips too.
  8. I don't think I have much rep really..... I never really check.

    My sig... I used four C4D's to create it :P took me a while.
  9. =} Sazzy has a lot of rep?

    As for me I think I only have 144. =} I guess thats good. I mean it took em 2 years. XDD

    o.o Sazzy I like your new sig btw, your improved a ton. Whats the style?
  10. yup yup they can see them now and hopefully add to them so maybe more REP will be given out too.
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