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  1. Video games only rot the mind if you let it.

    .... And sometimes I do let it.

    Good luck with your self-esteem on Hallow Eve~!
    Nah, you'll be fine.
  2. (°・°*)video games rot the mind, & Candy rots the teeth.

    I like the bite size snicker, and I love me some twix.. but I also love KitKat bars. So I just don;t know.

    ジロリ (0ー0ヘ I want to be those for Hallow Eve, BUT [Yes there is a but] (;一一) I am scared what people will think. I know right.
    Sorry for long relpy wasn't sure what to say back. *Goes shopping*
  3. We buy our candies because people refuse to give out Hershey's Oreo Cookies n' Cream candybars...
    ...and no one likes giving out Crunch bars anymore! And don't get me started with KitKat!

    ...everyone's just obsessed with giving out Snickers... and Twix... and stuff...
    (pssst... I don't like caramel....... DUN DUN DUNNNN)

    It seems you'd like to be a Pokemon, or perhaps something that wasn't a Pokemon until a series came out where all the cousins were almost like Pokemon.

    I dunno - ask Abu, we're still not sure what we're gonna' do on Hallow's Eve. Maybe she has a better idea. I'm concerned with more pressing matters...... *goes back to playing video game*
  4. I see so you guys buy your candy now eh?

    No matter; I'll ask Abu, and see what she says. J/k or maybe I should o_O... hmm?

    I am going to be this or this and maybe this

    Can't choose and Halloweens so soon. I need to choose now, so it can have a month to get here.
  5. No prob, I'm one of the few people that don't get excited for their own b-day, so no worries. A belated b-day-say is nice enough for me.

    Been good. How've you been?
    Halloween? .... it depends if Abu and I are trick-or-treating. We might just spend the night eating candy and watching movies.
  6. so.. I like missed your birthday. >.> I feel awful~

    o_o]/ Hi SK!?

    What you going to be for Halloween?
  7. <Where Abu go ?>
  8. Who me? No never! I was just noticing something. Is it a crime to take notice in something so obvious?
  9. OHHH!!! Mods! .... Eh, the mods can't do much nowadays, the problems already get fixed up by the end of the week (which they always check once a week) and all other problems are modded by those not fully entitled to the job but respected to it.

    ...there's also the idea that many vet-members scare the hell outta' most young members... scarin' them straight.

    Other than all that, what? You wanna' start a ruckus?
  10. Eh??? O_o Glowy name???
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