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  1. Not a glowly name in site. Have you notice?
  2. GOT THEM!

    >.< RAWR!~ THANK THEE! *Runs to Abu Page*

    HAPPY Late? Anniversary >.<! SORRY! I just got it today! >.<||
  3. byes ~
  4. rides here .

    gtg By es
  5. =P NOT LONG~ ~
    Let's see how many weeks it'll take you to get back to the forums again.
  7. I know right? We all wish we were rich~.

    =D Anyway thank you. I can't wait. I did buy the movie, but I wait to watch it. Need the comic version first.

    Thank you both again.
  8. Sorry, Death Note status was on hold due to a crazy financial Christmas.
    We've gotten you up to Volume 10! We just need to get 11, 12, 13, and the novel and we'll send it right to ya'!

    Really sorry for how long this is taking... *sigh* If I were rich, you'd have it by now.
  9. Happi Birthday!

    =] Have a great one. 21 is a lucky number. =3

    May you have many more.
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