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  1. well i am glad you like my work i do try to keep my buisness
    ship shape and some people just dont understand the work
    that goes into being evil if the people who hated me could be
    me for a day they would start thinking better of me i mean
    that stuff takes a lot of work and it dosnt get done itself.

    and again im glad you like my work and i will talk to you later
    have a good day
  2. OH MY GOD! Your Sephiroth! I must say that I'm a big fan of your work in the, 'Crazy with Power/Meglomaniacy' and 'Apocalyptic Endings' buisness approaches and also found your thesis on 'Generalaisation of Domestic Sadisim' very compeling.

    Aaaanyway... Fitlike?
  3. welcome to AO im here if you need help as well have some
    fun and talk to you around the thread add me as a friend if you want
    i want mind or was it won't hmmmm lol
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