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  1. They are but at the same time, much too frustrating.
  2. Not at all! I'm learning a bit of German from a member here, and it's very very interesting. =]] If you were fluent in Italian I'd probably want to learn some Italian from you too lol. Languages are fascinating.
  3. I guess so, learning a little wouldn't hurt, huh ?
  4. Lol! Why don't you want to learn Italian?
    I say, the more the merrier lol.
  5. No, I'd rather learn Japanese .
  6. Ohh lol, nope you don't. =]
    Do you speak Italian fluently?
  7. What I mean is I don't try to give off that Italian tough guy bravado.
  8. Ciao! =]] Although to be honest I use that to say goodbye a lot more lol.
    Haha Italians aren't douchebags. I have a few Italian friends here. They are quite ganster and like to tell me that they're part of the Italian mafia.
  9. I'm Italian, but I'm not a douchebag, lol.
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