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  1. You've heard of a "British, yet not British" accent? Lol. Thank you, I think my accent is sexy too.
    Yep yep I'm half Chinese and half Vietnamese (I think) lol, classified as an ABCV (Australian born Chinese/Vietnamese). What about you? =]
  2. I think those accents are sexy. ^^ You are also of Asian decent I assume?
  3. Ohhh so you just woke up lol. That's an interesting sleeping habit =]

    Uhmm depends on which accent you're talking about lol. I know most Americans (I have cousins there) think of all Australians as having the same accent but it differs from which part of the country you're from. I have a city-Australian accent if that makes sense, so if I went to outback Australia they'd say I have a funny accent lol. Out there, the accent's a lot heavier. My cousins from America tell me I have a "British, yet not British, accent". Dunno what that means lol.
  4. Do you have Aussie accent ?
  5. I go to bed early and wake up early .
  6. Lol both of my parents hate history. I can't imagine them sitting down to watch a historical documentary or something.
    Woah 4:30 in the morning? How do you stay up that late? =O
    Howdie I'm from Australia. =]
  7. I watch because my dad used to watch it alot, well right now it's like 4:30 in the morning, and yes I live in America: Seemingly the best country in the world but it's going down hill pretty fast. Where do you live?
  8. History channel? You're a very cool guy! Lol not many people that I know of would watch the history channel. It means you're well-informed =]
    What time is it over at your end of the world? I'm guessing, somewhere in America? =]
  9. Not much really, just chatting and watching the history channel.
  10. Yeah that's true lol. Potential-wise. Motivation-wise I'm lacking. =]
    So watcha up to now?
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