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  1. I believe anyone has the potential to do anything, sounds trivial but it's true.
  2. Hahaha a comical injury. I'm glad you're alright though!
    Lol give parkour a try? Nah it's okay. I'll pass =]
    All that fancy jumping around seems cool and everything but I'm not the jumping over fence type lol. The most athletic thing I've ever done is probably netball lol, like basketball but it's a strictly no contact sport. Lil' me gets shoved around easily. =]
  3. The worst injury I've had so far was having fallen onto a fence and landing on my goods, lol. It really hurt though, this cold rush went right up my back soon after.

    You should give parkour a try, I see it as the best way of expressing yourself freely.
  4. From the videos, if you made a mistake, the results look to be very painful lol. What was your worst injury?
    For fun I don't do anything cool like parkour lol. I'll walk my dog, or go shopping, watch a movie, read a book or magazine, go to the beach, or go online =]
  5. What do you do for fun ?
  6. Of course, I wouldn't have really had the experience if I didn't.
  7. I like how you talk about serious issues in your videos. And parkour training at home, that's really intense! Have you ever injured yourself?
  8. Ya, you can visit my youtube if you'd like. YouTube - DaKineUpdate's Channel
  9. You make videos on parkour? That's so cool! Showcasing your talents lol. =]
  10. Sorry you're going through that, it's probably a mild migraine. Parkour is going great, thanks for asking, I might be making a fall training vid, next weekend.
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