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  1. FlashChat v4.7.12

    I am on it now and it is okay.
  2. Lol I was joking, he just told us that the flashchat's closed and then he shut it down. Something about security?
  3. why did he kick you out????????????????????????????????
  4. It still works? I thought it was closed. Aceman kicked me out of it last night lol.
  5. I will wait for you in falshchat as I always do.
  6. Oh ok lol .

    click on flashchat and the window for flashchat will come up.
  8. take a look in the poetry forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Would you prefer dark chocolate or just normal chocolate Tim Tams? They both taste good to me. How about both? =]
  10. Hey =] I'm sorry for not coming online in awhile. I've been going out so much lately with friends and family that I haven't had much time to myself! It seems that everyone's celebrating something these days. There're so many birthdays in August!

    I did ask my dad about his time in the navy though. He never got to work with the Americans because by that time US forces had already pulled out. Although, he did interact with a lot of American soldiers at the airport before he joined the navy. He was paid to fill up their sandbags for them lol.

    Anyhow, I hope that you're well and healthy! I'll be leaving soon for a dinner party but I might get to chat with you tomorrow. Take care! =]
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