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  1. I understand Australia has a desert. Tell me of it please. What is it called and where is it located.
  2. My parents are very happy in Australia lol, they constantly remind me of how lucky I am to be in such a free country. Australia really is a beautiful country. And thank you!
  3. I am sorry to hear that, I hope your parents have found peace and prosperity on that side of the hemisphere at least. By the way you are Beautiful.
  4. Part Vietnamese, part Chinese, part something else, I'm not too sure lol. Mum and dad aren't sure of their heritage. It was hectic back then, during the Vietnam War and everything. Their parents died quite early.
  5. So you are asian. Are you vietnamese???????????????????????
  6. I work part time at this bakery/cafe place. As a result, I don't think I'll ever eat bread or cakes or drink coffee ever again lol.
  7. Yeah pretty much lilke that. And what do you do?///////////////////////////////////
  8. Ohhh ok. What do you do for your job though? Are you like a... computer technician?
  9. What I mean is that since I am leaving so soon, they are not giving me any enormous task or anything that involves higher training. That is all. I am required to use a computer so, I am using it. I am monitoring my computer right now.
  10. It's winter here in Australia so it's snowing at the Blue Mountains. We just refer to it as the snows because it really only snows around that area. We don't get a lot of snow here at all lol. Shame, I've never seen snow before. I'd rather the heat than the cold though. I hate getting out of bed in winter.

    What do you mean by you're on your way out soon so your days are easy as pie? o.o
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